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Continuous assessment for tertiary-level language teaching: an aid for learners to monitor their progress?

V Everson


In 2004, based on the findings of scholarlyenquiry, the French Section of theUniversity of Cape Town decided to prioritise continuous assessment to measurelanguage acquisition, partly with a view to enabling students to monitor their progressmore effectively. In a spirit of quality control (De Ketele, 2003), the purpose of thisarticle is to review that decision. Firstly, by way of context, attention is given to some ofthe scholarship pertinent to summative and formative assessment which underpinnedthe adoption of continuous assessment. Secondly, the article interrogates the notionthat continuous assessment facilitates learner awareness of progress by presenting andexamining the reactions of undergraduate students of French at the University of CapeTown over the last three years.

Key words: continuous assessment, formative, summative, language, acquisition,examinations-only, learner progress
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