Contributions to the Nigerian Libraries for publication should not be more than 5,0000 words. They should be double-spaced typed in A4 paper size. Foot notes should be avoided as much as possible. The authors' name(s), position, highest qualification, place of work and address, e-mail address and telephone number(s) should be provided. Diagrams should be drawn in India ink on smooth white paper or board and in such proportions that they can be reduced to a page measuring 7'2 x 4'2 or half that size. References ,which should be according to APA style, should be provided at the end of each of the article submitted for publication. For example:

Books: Abdullahi, H. (date of publication), book title, place of publication, publisher and page(s)
Journal: John, M. (date of publication), article title, volume (issue) page(s).
Magazine: Fatima, G (date of publication) article title, magazine title, volume(issue), page(s).
Website: Uchenna, O. (date of publication, web page title, date retrieved from home page and URL.
Newspaper: Gambari, N.(year, month and day of publication), article title, Newspaper title, and page(s).

However, it should be noted that:
 where the date of publication is not known, 'nd' in parentheses should be used to indicate no date of publication.
 page numbers of chapters of books and newspapers should be preceded by 'p' (for a page) or 'pp'(for more than one pages); whereas those of journals and magazines are written with the page numbers.
 in all cases, maintain the required 6 spaces indentions after the first line of the reference citations.
 each article must include an abstract of about 100-120 words.
 opinions expressed in the published articles in this journal are those of the author(s)/contributor(s).
 no part of the published articles must be reprinted in whole or in part without the permission of the publisher.

Journal Identifiers

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