An integrated pest management program as a pests control strategy at the University of Botswana Library

  • Thatayaone Segaetsho University of Botswana
Keywords: integrated pest management, pest’s survey, preservation of library and archival materials


Libraries and archives have the jurisdiction to acquire, protect, and provide information resource to the public for as long as possible. Consequently, libraries and archives are obliged to preserve collections in perpetuity. Preservation is a presiding managerial function of coordinating the endeavor to protect collections from deterioration. As part of preservation, libraries and archives have the responsibility to monitor and control pests within their collections. The general purpose of this study was to investigate the monitoring/inspections of pests, pest prevention, pest control and challenges observed at UB-Library with the view to make recommendations for improvement. The study was conducted using a survey methodology and data collection was conducted using observation and document analysis tools. The findings of the survey revealed a significant number of pests that are present in the UB-Library including badister bullatus, spiders, grasshopper, house cricket, birds-dove (columbidae), cockroaches, strawberry seed beetles, flea, silverfish, moth, ants and flies (Black and blue flies). Despite the presence of guidelines on inspection, prevention and pest control measures at UB-Library, lack of supportive structures to pest management programme such as funding procedures, prioritization, policies statements on pests and proper coordination of IPM programme was observed as major challenges. This study therefore recommends an adoption of a three step process of monitoring/inspection, prevention and control as an appropriate strategies for pest management and this should; provide effective early inspection and identification of warnings of infestation; identify high risk areas within collection and the surrounding buildings and pin point environmental sources of infestation, and outline prevention and control measures. Furthermore, the study recommends that integrated pest management strategies should be augmented by provision of supportive structures of funding, coordination, policies, and management and planning prioritizations. 


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1012-2796