Preservation of archival heritage in Zanzibar Island National Archives, Tanzania

  • Gabriel Kaminyoge University of Dodoma
  • Maximilian F Chami Brandenburg University of Technology
Keywords: Archives, Zanzibar National Archives, preservation, heritage


This paper focuses on the assessment of preservation of archival heritage resources in Zanzibar Island National Archives (ZNA) in Tanzania. Many studies on cultural heritage resources in Tanzania have until recently concentrated on the archaeology, management and conservation of the immovable heritage, leaving out issues of preservation of archival heritage resources. This has led to problems in the preservation of archival heritage resources in Tanzania. Data were collected through interviews, focus group discussions and legal analytical method and analysed using a thematic approach. The sample size included six ZNA staff who provided their views about the preservation of archival heritage in Tanzania. The findings show that the overall archival heritage resources of the Zanzibar National Archive have a big connection with the other cultural heritage resources of Zanzibar Island. Therefore, the paper recommends the revolutionary government of Zanzibar to support the Archives Department financially with the modern archival preservation and conservation equipment. 


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1012-2796