The value accorded to electronic records as a reflection of information culture among selected parastatals in Botswana

  • Mogogi Thabakgolo Department of Information Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Zawedde Nsibirwa Department of Information Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal
Keywords: Records management, records creation and capture, attitudes, behaviour


Sound records management has always been hailed to achieve organisational efficiency and effectiveness, and to set goals. However, electronic records management remains a challenge to many organisations despite the importance of records to organisations. Given the persisting challenges, the study examined Botswana's electronic records management issues in three selected parastatals. This study investigated the value of records (behaviour and attitudes) as a reflection of information culture in these parastatals and the state of electronic records creation and capture in selected parastatals. An information culture assessment framework was used to investigate the behaviour and attitudes of employees towards records management. The study adopted a mixed method approach, in which both qualitative and quantitative approaches were applied. One hundred and one employees from the three selected parastatals participated in an online survey and were sampled through listed-based random sampling. In the mixed methods approach, the survey plays an exploratory role. Five interviews were conducted with records managers and chief executive officers’ representatives. The target population was 139 respondents; 106 employees from the three parastatals participated. A questionnaire link was sent to 133 randomly selected participants; 101 responded to the survey. Five interviews were conducted out of the six targeted respondents. The study's findings revealed policies and procedures for records creation were not followed. Employees did not know the proper metadata to capture. Furthermore, the findings revealed that different behaviours and attitudes were given to records management. The attitudes and behaviour manifested in the following use and non-use of electronic records, willingness to carry out records management procedures, willingness to participate in records management training, treating records as everybody's responsibility and senior management support. The study recommends that organisations should carry out in-house training and develop strategies that ensure that employees are well conversed with records management processes and procedures to change their behaviour and attitudes towards records.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1012-2796