Application of ARMA information governance maturity model for assessment of records management programme at Chancellor College, University of Malawi

  • Jessy Mphunda University of Malawi
  • Nathan Mnjama University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana
Keywords: Records management, universities, records management programme, ARMA, information governance maturity model, Chancellor College, Malawi


Institutions, whether public or private, create records in the course of conducting their business. Records constitute a vital resource for any organisation, including universities. They are important as they provide the information needed by decision-makers and promote accountability. This study assessed the records management programme at Chancellor College, Malawi, using the ARMA Information Governance Maturity Model. Data for the study were collected through face-to-face interviews with purposively selected participants, an examination of document analysis and non-participant observation. The findings of the study revealed that there is accountability in the records management programme although the responsibility for the records management function is delegated to individuals who do not necessarily have relevant qualifications in the area of records management. The findings also revealed that there is partial compliance with the existing legal and regulatory frameworks in the country. In addition, the findings indicated that retrieval of records, especially semi-current records, is problematic due to insufficient storage space and inadequate storage equipment. Based on the findings, the study concluded that using ARMA Information Governance Maturity Model, the level of maturity of the records management programme at Chancellor College is in the developmental stage. The study recommended that Chancellor College should develop and implement a records management policy and records retention and disposition schedule, train existing staff and provide resources and equipment for managing records so that records in these systems remain authentic and reliable. The study also recommends the development of a national policy on managing university records by the National Archives and Records Services in Malawi as a whole.


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print ISSN: 1012-2796