Knowledge and skills for managing digital records at selected state universities in Zimbabwe

Keywords: Records personnel, professional training, digital records and archives, recruitment


This study analyses the knowledge and skills for managing digital records at selected state universities in Zimbabwe. State universities are becoming centres of digital records creation facilitated by the advent of ICTs. However, records management personnel remain a marginal community with some noticeable knowledge and skills gaps in managing such records in their institutions. These gaps resulted in records management personnel being excluded from matters concerning digital technology as state universities in Zimbabwe drive towards innovation and industrialisation to achieve Education 5.0 and the government’s Vision 2030. Lack of knowledge and skills among records management personnel at state universities is worrisome, even though there are records and archives management training programmes in various institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe. The primary purpose of this article is to explore the implication of lack of knowledge and skills, with an intention to bridge this gap among records and archives management personnel in state universities. Data were collected from the Zimbabwe Open University and Harare Institute of Technology. A mixed methods research design was used to ascertain the knowledge and skills for managing digital records at the selected state universities. The study found that state universities still employed records and archives personnel who were not trained, although institutions of higher learning, including polytechnics and universities, are offering records and archives training programmes and churned out hundreds of records and archives professionals each year. Therefore, the study recommends that state universities should change their recruitment policy and employ qualified records and archives management personnel to manage records in this digital era.


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print ISSN: 1012-2796