Implementation of the Policy for Banning Incandescent Lamps in the Markets: Review of the Global Situation and Challenges for Mozambique

  • Nelson Manuel Alfredo Chapala
  • Cirio Muarapaz
  • Genito A. Maúre
Keywords: Ban of incandescent lamps; energy efficiency; electricity consumption; residential use; Mozambique


The excessive use of incandescent lamps is one of the main factors in the low energy efficiency of the residential sector in Mozambique. To remedy this situation, some countries are banning the import and sale of incandescent lamps in their markets. The article reviews the status of implementation of these actions worldwide and the challenges for Mozambique. The data is drawn from existing literature on the topic under discussion and selected according to purpose. The literature indicates that Mozambique has a program to promote energy efficient incandescent lamps, but the level of its implementation is still very low. Regarding the implementation of the policy to ban incandescent lamps, it was found that the barriers are universal, namely the lack of funding to support the policy actions, the high price of marketing energy efficient lamps, the deficit and doubtful quality of efficient lamps and the little knowledge of consumers and decision makers about the advantages of using energy efficient lamps. However, these data lead us to conclude that it is premature to think about the implementation of the policy to ban the import and sale of incandescent lamps in Mozambique, as there are actions that should be prioritized at this time, namely, the promotion of low consumption lamps, the dissemination of measures for the rational use of electricity in buildings, consumer awareness, the adoption of labels on household appliances and the drafting of specific legislation.


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eISSN: 2467-8392
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