1. Submission of a research or review article implies that it has not been previously published and is not simultaneously being considered for publication elsewhere. Responsibility for opinions expressed and for the accuracy of facts published in articles and reviews rests solely with the individual author(s). The maximum length of articles is 10 000 words, and for reviews 1000 words.
2. Articles must be numbered consecutively, double-spaced complete with all notes, bibliographical references (see below) and tables. Titled tables and captioned figures must be professionally done and legibly cited in the text. The editors cannot redraw any figure unless the author pays for the cost of such work.
3. All bibliographical references should be cited in the text with a full stop following the closing bracket (Chidester 2000: 34). Where necessary, use footnotes for more elaborate notes. A full bibliography in ascending alphabetical order must then be provided at the end of the article.
4. The editors reserve the right to copyedit and proof all articles accepted for publication. Authors will review their copyedited manuscripts. Acceptance of the article will imply assignment of copyright by its author(s) to the JSR.
5. Articles submitted must include after heading an abstract of about 100 words summarizing the main contentions of the article, and must provide brief details about the author and his/her address.
6. The journal supports the use of gender-inclusive language.
7. For reasons of typesetting, articles should be submitted on computer diskettes, using Microsoft Word or Word Perfect . (In exceptional circumstances, articles submitted in printed form without a diskette could be considered).
8. Three printed, double-spaced copies of the article must be supplied with the diskette.
9. Articles by authors at South African universities which are published in the Journal for the Study of Religion will be subject to a page charge of R50.00 per page. On publication such authors will receive an invoice for the amount due, which should be presented to the appropriate authority at their university for payment.
10. Please send all articles to the Editors at the following address: JOURNAL FOR THE STUDY OF RELIGION, Department of Religious Studies, University of Cape Town, Private Bag, Rondebosch, 7701, South Africa.
11. Format for bibliography:

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