Retributive Justice in Fiction: An Analysis of May Nwoye’s ENDLESS SEARCH

  • OA Ikediugwu
  • EN Ugwu


The essay explores the painful life of the protagonist, Nkoli, from the United States of America to her home country, Nigeria. In the course of the study, Nkoli’s naivety and lack of foresight, her husband’s gross selfishness and heartlessness and the country’s attitudes towards women are projected as the major causes of her hardship. Even when she becomes aware of her problems and their sources, she lacks that will-power to fight for her freedom to liberate herself from the culture that is set in the interest of men’s chauvinism. There is a reversal of fortune which eventually liberates the protagonist and subjects the evil perpetrators to shame thereby making justice to prevail at the end.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227