An overview of Niger-Delta Indigenous Religions

  • George Tasie
  • Rowland Olumati
Keywords: Niger Delta, Indigenous, Religion and Over-view


This essay is an outline interpretation of Niger Delta indigenous religions. It examines the structure of indigenous religions in the Niger-Delta region. Its interest is to point out the heterogeneous and diversed nature of the people of Niger Delta and those religions which are indigenous to them. The essay discovered that one culture or one religion may emphasize a belief or a value system, which is completely absent or absolutely misconceived in another religion or in another culture. However, this essay reveals that in spite of these remarkable differences in the cultures and belief systems of the people of the Niger Delta, there exists a centralized structure of rituals and beliefs system which pervades the whole of Niger Delta indigenous religions. The essay defends the central argument that after all said and done, the different beliefs and practices professed by various ethnic groups in the Niger Delta region simply indicative of the fact that their diversity is merely a divergent expression of the same religion and culture.

Key Words: Niger Delta, Indigenous, Religion and Over-view


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eISSN: 1813-2227