A Historical Survey of Urbanisation in West Africa

  • Stanley I. Okoroafor


The rapid changes being experienced in the social realm of the world would sometimes distort peoples understanding of real and rightful situations of issues in human socio-cultural operations. Urbanization is one of such issues. The concept has come under staggering controversy especially on the very determinants of it and actual places of its original experience. Such theories as the theories of Hamitic Hypothesis and Diffusionism have sometimes been used to easily explain its manifestation in certain areas of the world without proper evaluation and determination. This scenario is akin to the opinions being held among some people on the place of urbanization in West Africa. This cultural phenomenon is not the prerogative of certain persons alone but a human ideology. It has been experienced in West Africa as is x-rayed in this paper and has continued to evolve against the globalization processes enveloping the world (the region inclusive). The paper shows how and why the urbanisation in West Africa was experienced and the problems facing its clear understanding and the solution to such. It advocates for continuity in this respect using some laudable global programmes such as the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), and Sustainable Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and by looking inwards, in attempting to improve the infrastructure and social amenities and uplift the standard of living of the people.

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eISSN: 1813-2227