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The use of modes in teaching English language: a case of secondary schools in Tanzania

Agnes Anatory


The objective of this study is to verify the influence of the teaching modes that Tanzanian teachers use in teaching on the proficiency of the English language by the learners. The study was conducted in Kinondoni District of Dar-es-Salaam region, Tanzania. The study employed Mixed Methods of research design where quantitative survey and qualitative phenomenology were employed concurrently. The researcher found out that as much as only a small percentage of English teachers use visual modes in teaching English language to their learners due to unavailability of resources. The teachers as well as the students agree that teaching modes especially visual modes had a positive impact on the acquisition and proficiency of the English language by learners. The study concludes that it is vital for teachers to employ a variety of modes in the teaching as it enhances acquisition and proficiency of learners in the English language.

Keywords: Modes, Traditional Approach, Multimodality, Modern Approach

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