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Context– sensitive rules in Urhobo Language, Delta State -Nigeria

Emuobonuvie M. Ajiboye


Linguistic description exists at varying levels, namely: phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics, among others. Within the framework of Generative Grammar one observes that there is an interaction among these different levels of linguistic description within their lexical structure. Our aim in this paper is to demonstrate how context- sensitive rules showcase this network of interaction between syntaxes and semantics, using Urhobo people and their language as a case study. The research observed after all that a subset of context-sensitive rules in the language structure of any given people brings about an occurrence of polysemy. From this discovery and other findings, the study has proceeded to conclude that for an effective choice and proficient use of words in Urhobo language in particular and effective communication of any language as a whole, these context-sensitive rules must be observed. Urhobo is currently being taught at all levels of learning in Delta State, Nigeria. It is hoped that the significance of the current study is that it would help to give focus to the teaching and learning of Urhobo grammar within Delta State and wherever Urhobo language is also studied outside of Delta State and beyond Nigeria.

Keywords: Generative Grammar, context-sensitive rules, Urhobo language, polysemy

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