Gender imbalances in science disciplines among students in Kyambogo University of Uganda and education implications

  • Grace Lubaale


Kyambogo University (KyU) is one of the nine government universities in Uganda experiencing gender inequalities in science  disciplines with glaring education implications in country with 34.6 million people in which women are the majority. The central aim of the paper is to establish the science gender imbalances in KyU and education implications with a specific focus on policies and practices for students and then provide the way forward. This study used a mixed methods approach that combined desk review and interviews. The findings indicate that the nature is reflected in the Admissions, and Completion, and the causes are patriarchy, gender stereotypes and roles and mentoring while the education implications are colossal in terms of low enrolments, self-esteem, academic staff recruitment and education returns as well as low Higher Degree Achievements. The study concludes that science gender imbalances in KyU is a reality, socially constructed and can be deconstructed. Therefore this paper recommends creating science awareness in schools, providing scholarships for females, affirmative action through STEM Programme, strengthen the KyU Gender policy and Gender Mainstreaming Directorate, and Gender Monitoring & Evaluation which will lead to gender equality in  sciences disciplines.


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eISSN: 1813-2227