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Environmentalism and African literature: A study of Shimmer Chinodya’s <i>Dew In The Morning</i>


The study sets out to investigate environmentalism and African literature with reference to Shimmer Chinodya‟s Dew in the Morning. The novelist uses the medium of his writing to delineate the connection between literature and the erratic visible environment. He writes with much candor about the events in his milieu and brings into prominence an earth-centred narrative, his novel depicts the trademark of a writer with his own style and content thereby carving a niche for himself in the canon of African literature. He shows that nature can be preserved or ravaged by humans in their quest to make life meaningful and comfortable for themselves. Man manipulates his physical environment to optimize his life so as to achieve a high level of sustenance. Chinodya reveals that in man‟s search for a tenable means of livelihood, the atmosphere is devastated which leads to pollution, diseases, overcrowding, death among others. With the new developments, certain cultural practices have to give way in order to take in the realities of the modern time. His content reflects the African landscape and social identity. This study will be situated using eco-criticism as the theoretical framework to the study of literature.

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