Gender Consciousness, Feminine Revolt and the Nigerian Home Video Film: Case of Scars of Womanhood

  • U Atakpo


Gender consciousness and feminine revolt as exemplified in the Nigerian Home video film are results. of the female struggle for the rights of women. .The issue of women rights has become a world phenomenon as women of almost all the civilized world have stood
up and with one voice have rejected male domination and have also rejected some forms of traditions that are inimical to their well being. .The Nigerian Home video relies on the cultural norms and values of the Nigerian societies.. The video film Scars of Womanhood shows that the traditions are set to negate the rights of women and must, be abandoned
especially where they touch on women health and well being. The video film dwells on women circumcision or female genital mutilation. The film shows that tradition is set by men to control the sexual urge of women the obnoxious set of values in a world dominated by men even where and when such dominance is detrimental to women. The video film
makers support women in denouncing this practice. This paper clearly takes sides with the resolve of the women to reject male chauvinism and traditions that are negative to the welfare of the women folk.

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