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Religion and Philosophy: The Value of Human Death: The Moral Perspective

NM Eribo
MA Izibili


Death has a bitter feeling, nobody wants to die. Every human person runs away from death even when faced with the most ugliest situation of life, yet people want to live and not die – death is the most Enigmatic phenomenon of life, but quiet unveiling and revealing. What most people feels is dreaded, unacceptable and not wanted by any is naturally an inevitable attribute of life, some though believe that it is a necessary end while some believe that it is a process of transition from a lower level to a higher place of call yet, others hold that death is the ‘bridge’, in between home call and earthly existence. Is there really life-after death? Why do humans have to die? When death comes where do the components of the human person go? What constitutes man as man? Does death has value? These and many more questions are what this paper rise through the moral lane of death.

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eISSN: 1813-2227