Patterns and Processes of Recruitment and Trafficking into sex Work in Nigeria

  • RA Aborisade
  • AA Aderinto


Nigeria contributes to the global problem of the trafficking of young women and girls mainly for sexual exploitation as a major country of origin of the victims. Using information gathered from Edo and Lagos States of Nigeria, through the use of Case studies, In-depth and key-Informant Interviews, this paper probes the strategies employed by the traffickers and activities that characterize the recruitment and trafficking into sex work. The study found the family to be both facilitators of recruitment and exploiters of the prostitution of their relatives. The recruitment patterns and trafficking processes were characterized with incidences of deception, extortion, violence and exploitation with severe consequences on the emotional, psychological and health condition of the victims. To contain the activities of the traffickers, the use of formal and informal channels of education to enlighten the populace on the ulterior motives of the traffickers is suggested.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227