Reading Clinics on University Campuses: A Way Forward for Language Skills Development

  • L Uwatt
  • J Odey


The role of a language centre in language development cannot be overemphasized. On our university campuses, there are many factors which impede language usage and fluency among students. The examination oriented language syllabuses which students had been exposed to at the lower level leave them satisfied and contented on entry into university with a minimum pass/credit level. The preponderance of pidgin and slang as campus languages, the large classes that limit students’ oral participation at lectures and a host of other factors also limit students’ language use/output. The result of these limitations can be witnessed in their poor performance at both productive and receptive language skills. This paper reviews the language and literacy problems of Nigerian undergraduate students and proposes the establishment of reading clinics in all university campuses to cater for the literacy needs of students. It is reasoned that reading clinics will create an awareness of the need to attend to students’ reading problems and in doing this, remedy as well as develop language skills in the study.

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eISSN: 1813-2227