The Language of Satire: An Exploration of Stylistic Devices in Tanure Ojaide’s "The Fate of Vultures and Other Poems"

  • F Ibhawaegbele
  • G Omo-Ojugo


This paper examines the artistic use of language for satiric purposes in Tanure Ojaide are The Fate of Vultures. In many of the works of contemporary African poets, the language of satire creates both humour and a shock of recognition through the linguistic foregrounding of situations, character and events in the content and from. Satiric language therefore becomes a tool for exposing human frailty, institutional (or social) vices and corruption. It is our aim therefore, to explore the stylistic devices in the text, thereby highlighting the satirical effect he achieves in the collection and the meanings derivable.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227