Citizen Media and the Future of Government-Owned Broadcast Organizations: A Study of Radio Nigeria

  • N Usua


Government owned-media organizations, established to propagate policies and programmes of governments have in many countries, including Nigeria, ended up being used as mere mouth-pieces of any government in power. This expectedly, has serious credibility implication. With the increasing popularity of citizen media, it became necessary to find out what impact it will have on the survival of governmentowned media organizations. Using radio Nigeria as focus, opinions of Nigerians were sought through a survey. The result shows that Nigerians do not only have misgivings about Radio Nigeria as a source of information and entertainment, but they also strongly believe that more people are increasingly relying on citizen media for news, information and entertainment than government-owned media. This gives a negative signal about the survival of government owned media.

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eISSN: 1813-2227