Sector-Wide Approaches to Educational Development in Lesotho: A Radical Technocratic Recommendatory View in the Education Sector Development Policy (ESDP)

  • MMM Daemane
  • M Daemane
  • P Shava


This paper is an aid policy appraisal in the educational development system of Lesotho as a developing country, among other characteristics a usual development aid recipient. Foreign aid in development process is also one phenomenon with inherent limitations requiring integrated solutions in advance. The inbuilt precincts emanate from adopted development paradigms and/or set conditionalities or attached strings by the foreign donors or lending Bretton Woods’s institutions. Such development approaches' confines in particular 'sector-wide' approaches over traditional development project approach including Lesotho educational system situation, are in an assessment manner through an analytic framework elaborated upon in this paper. Drastic measures as incorporable remedies for effective sector-wide approaches as a way out are suggested to Lesotho education policy formulators not excluding others in the developing world, the donors and development practitioners. The whole effort here by the government of Lesotho (GOL) through ESDP was to sustain economy by local labour market supply and skilled population able to lead decent lives.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227