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The Dilemmas of Adopting Performance Related Pay as a Reward Strategy for Academic Staff in Nigerian Public Higher Institutions of Learning

JA Omoankhanlen, E Chukwuemeka, NG Osagie, A Osawe, E Nwekoyo


In today organizations, many employers of labour in private driven and public driven organizations seems to be attracted to performance related pay (PRP) as a means of reward and compensation. Even though PRP strategy is claimed to have distinct advantages over automatic pay increase (formal and transparent reward systems linked to tenure and promotion), they are still not without problems. Among these problems envisage in Nigerian higher institutions of learning are the issue of acceptability of performance related pay as a means of reward and compensation, and low level of motivation and performance. These aforementioned problems were raised in the study research questions and also answered. This was achieved by assessing the extent to which academic staff through administered questionnaire in Nigerian higher institutions of learning believe that the introduction of performance related pay will indeed bring about the claimed motivational and performance enhancement benefits.

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