Peter Onwudinjo and the Struggle for Female Recognition and Justice

  • J Etiowo


The feminine gender has always been at the lowest rung of the society. Her voice is insignificant and is not reckoned with to possess the ‘wisdom’ needed to carry any society forward. Her role is perceived to be in the kitchen and in child-bearing. Any other responsibility must be deemed fit and bestowed on her by the patriarchy who rules over her. Literary scholarship/productions for some decades now have tried to xray the status of men and women in society with the aim of correcting some ‘abnormalities’. Peter Onwudinjo’s poetry joins the train as he exposes the second class derogatory treatment of women in the society and seeks a redress. His poetry is engaged in the struggle for female recognition and justice, and in most cases the women are encouraged to be at the forefront of the struggle for their own liberation.

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eISSN: 1813-2227