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Climate Change and Global Warming: Implications for Sub-Saharan Africa

EI Christian


The study reviews the potential threats of climate change in sub-Sahara Africa. It paints a picture of how the major green house gases (GHGs)-CO2, CH4 will grow in the sub-continent before the year 2015. The study also highlights the potential causes of climate change in the sub-continent based on anthropogenic and physical factors. It further examined the impacts of climate change in the sub- region based on the sensitivity, vulnerability and adaptations opened to the sub –region. Observation shows that overall social and economic activities in sub-Sahara Africa will be substantially worse than in any other developing world. Consequently, mitigation and adaptation measures were suggested to alleviate the impacts of climate change in the sub-region.

Key words: climate change, vulnerability, sensitivity, adaptations, mitigations, green house gases.



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