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Niger Delta Crisis and Security Implications for the Nation State

SA Ojeifo


This paper seeks to examine the Niger Delta crisis and security implications for the Nigeria state. Its focus on the Niger Delta is because of the festering crisis in the region which is of critical importance to Nigeria. The Niger Delta is the nation’s treasure base, the Niger Delta provides over 80 percent of government revenue, 95 percent of export receipts, and 90 percent of foreign exchange earnings. It is the argument of this paper that beyond the threats to human security in that region, the lingering crisis in the country’s oil producing areas is a threat to the security of the Nigerian state. The ruthless exploitation and exploration causing so great harm to human life and degradation to the land and the environment pose major threats to human security not only in that region but also to the Nigerian state. The paper suggests that to resolve the crisis government policy on petroleum should be more inclusive. Peculiar problems and needs of the oil-producing areas should be taken into consideration. The government should come clean on the matter of resolving the almost intractable crisis in the Niger Delta and stop engaging in convenient inconsistencies on the Niger Delta. The government should tackle the fundamental issue of basic necessities – provision of good motorable roads, pipe borne water, electricity, good hospitals, good and functional schools – for the area.

Keywords: Niger Delta Crisis, ruthless exploitation and exploration, oil producing areas

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(4), 220-233, 2011

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eISSN: 1813-2227