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The Need for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Teaching Social Studies in Nigeria Colleges of Education: Issues and Challenges

VE Okafor, C Ojiaku, E Chinyere


The world today is technology driven which has brought about development in all spheres of human endeavour. Based on this, there is urgent need to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which can be seen in computers, satellite, global system of mobile communication etc. and its application to the teaching of social studies in Nigeria Colleges of Education. This paper establishes that relying on textbooks and traditional patterns of teaching cannot make for effective teaching and learning of social studies. The paper therefore, highlights the need to use information and  communication technology (ICT) in teaching of social studies in Nigeria Colleges of Education. It also highlighted some of the problems and challenges militating against the use of ICT in teaching and learning of social studies and concluded that government should make provision for ICT in Nigeria Colleges of Education and train teachers in the skills as this will make tertiary institutions of learning remain relevant in the global scheme of things educationally.

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