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Obstacles to the Internationalisation of Higher Education in Africa: the Case of Uganda

ES Kasenene


As the world turns into a global village, shifting from national to international higher education systems presents itself as a subject of critical concern. Thus, higher education systems and institutions are internationalizing their outlook and programs. However, in Africa, little has been published on the challenges these systems and institutions are experiencing in their efforts to internationalise their programs and outlook. Taking the case of Uganda, this study examines some of these challenges. Using a questionnaire adapted from related literature, data were elicited from 54 managers of HEIs in the country. The findings were that underfunding; inadequate government and donor support; staffing gaps; and administrative rigidity are constraining the internationalization of higher education in the country. Therefore, recommendations towards improving the institutions’ funding, modes of delivery and collaboration with offshore HEIs are made.

Keywords: Internationalisation; Curriculum innovation; Cross border education

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eISSN: 2707-6113
print ISSN: 1816-6822