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Sampling in Qualitative Research: Improving the Quality of Research Outcomes in Higher Education

J Omona


Sampling consideration in qualitative research is very important, yet in
practice this appears not to be given the prominence and the rigour it deserves among Higher Education researchers. Accordingly, the quality of research outcomes in Higher Education has suffered from low utilisation. This has motivated the production of this paper with a view to advocating for sampling so that sample size selection and sampling designs are made very crucial considerations in research designs. The paper is a desk review and predominantly used the materials from credible and authoritative sources on qualitative research. The key issues that emerged are that sample size selection and sampling designs are very important considerations for Higher Education researcher if they are interested in improving the quality of research outcomes. Importantly, there are
many designs at the disposal of qualitative researchers, which are hitherto not applied. Both practitioners and those in the academia should continue
emphasising the use of sampling in qualitative as in mixed and  quantitative methods.

Keywords: Qualitative research; Sampling; Research methodology.

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eISSN: 2707-6113
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