Reflections on the Indigenous Knowledge embedded in University Language Teacher Education Curriculum

  • MB Mulumba
  • AM Muwagga
Keywords: Teacher education, Language education, Indigenous knowledge


The paper examines the current university language Teacher Education
Curriculum and the African indigenous knowledge embedded therein. The paper draws its discussion and reflections from findings got from a study carried out in Makerere University School of Education language education students and lecturers. The study purposively studied students of English and Luganda language education. The study was guided by three study objectives namely; examining the nature of indigenous knowledge found in the language teacher curriculum assessing the knowledge, skills and values embedded in the language teacher curriculum plus the teacher trainees’ awareness of indigenous knowledge in the study materials. The findings reveal that the current language teacher curriculum mortifies indigenous knowledge, values and skills because it is built on foreign pedagogical paradigms. The study concluded that both the language
teacher trainers and trainees have little knowledge about indigenous knowledge. It is also concluded that indigenous knowledge is not taken as an essential component in the training of both English and Luganda teachers. The contribution of indigenous knowledge to the knowledge, skills and attitudes of trainees is negligible and most often not within examinable topic. The absence of a formidable anchor in terms of indigenous knowledge, where knowledge, skills and attitudes set off and sprout, has crippled the originality and creativity of both English and Luganda teacher trainees.

Keywords: Teacher education; Language education, Indigenous knowledge


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eISSN: 2707-6113
print ISSN: 1816-6822