Marang is an online journal and therefore submissions should be done online at Should you have problems uploading your paper, kindly send it through email to the editor at the following email address:


Articles should have an abstract which does not exceed 250 words. The abstract must clearly reflect the contents and findings of the paper. The author should provide at least six  keywords. Manuscripts that contain special symbols, such as IPA fonts, should have the fonts embedded in the document or authors should send their manuscripts in both MS Word and pdf format.


Book reviews, along with the books, should be sent to:

The Reviews Editor, Marang, Department of English, P/Bag 00703, Gaborone, Botswana.  Email:



Please attach to every submission a letter (email) confirming that all authors have agreed to the submission and that the article is not currently being considered for publication by any other journal.



Manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, with ample margins and bear the title of the contribution and the name(s) of the author(s) on a separate page. The full postal address/phone/fax/email details of each author plus short biographical notes should also be included. All pages should be numbered. Contributions should include an abstract of not more than 250 words and up to six key words. The abstract should cover the overall purpose or research problem, stated early in the abstract, the methodology used, including the research design, sample, and data collection methods, a concise discussion of a few significant research findings and an overview of the main conclusions of the paper.


The journal uses footnotes where necessary. These should, however, be kept to the minimum.  Footnotes are signaled in the text by superscript numbers. References in both the text and in any footnotes should follow APA style, which requires brief parenthetical references identifying each work referred to: author, (date: page) and or (author, date: page).  At the end of your paper, provide an alphabetized “Works Cited” section containing complete citations for all works cited or referred to in your paper. Titles of journals should not be abbreviated. Sample end references:


Crystal, David (1997). A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics. Cambridge,MA: Blackwell Publishers.

Verdoodt, Albert F. (1997). The demography of language. In F. Coulmas (Ed.), The Handbook of Sociolinguistics (pp.33-43).Malden,MA: Blackwell Publishers.

Matiki, A. J. (2006). Literacy, ethnolinguistic diversity, and transitional bilingual education in Malawi. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 9 (2), 239-254.

Brians, P. (n.d.). Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart study guide. RetrievedOctober 25, 2006, from




Tables should be typed (double line-spaced) on separate sheets and their position indicated by a marginal note in the text. All tables should have short descriptive captions with footnotes and their source(s) typed below the tables.



Articles must be written in English. Use a clear readable style, avoiding jargon. If technical terms or acronyms must be included, define them when first used. Use non-racist, non-sexist language and plurals rather than he/she.



Use single quotation marks with double quotes inside single quotes. Dates should be presented in the form1 November 2006. Do not use points in abbreviations, contractions or acronyms (e.g. AD,USA, Dr, PhD).

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