Using two varieties in the ESL classroom

  • A E Arua
Keywords: varieties of English, English language teaching


From data collected through the observation of 15 community junior and senior secondary schools, and a survey of 43 English language teachers in the observed schools, the paper describes the conflict in the use of Botswana English and Standard British English in the English language classrooms. The findings of the study reveal teachers' uncertainty regarding the model of English to use in the classroom, students' fear and confusion regarding the varieties of English appropriate in various contexts and a hostile learning environment which makes students reluctant to engage in meaningful interaction in English. It is necessary for policy makers to begin to think about the nature of the English being taught in schools. Teachers will need to acquire student management skills to improve the environment in which English is acquired.

Keywords: varieties of English, English language teaching

MARANG: Journal of Language and Literature Vol. 17 2007: pp. 1-11

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eISSN: 1816-7659