Madagascar Conservation & Development welcomes the results of original research, field surveys, advances in field and laboratory techniques, book reviews, and informal status reports from research, conservation, development and management programs and in-field projects in Madagascar. In addition, notes on changes in the legal status of any species (IUCN, CITES) or land (Protected Areas) existing in Madagascar, public awareness programs, the availability of new educational materials (include the name and address of distributor and cost, if applicable), job announcements (paid or volunteer), and notification of newly published scientific papers, technical reports and academic theses are all appropriate contributions. Readers are also encouraged to alert Madagascar Conservation & Development to pertinent letter-writing campaigns and other activities, which may need the support of the Madagascar Conservation & Development community. Finally, Madagascar Conservation & Development serves as a conduit for debate and discussion and welcomes contributions on any aspect of the legal or scientific status of any species living in Madagascar, or on conservation and development philosophy.
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Published: 2022-10-18

CITES must urgently take the steps to save Madagascar’s unique species of rosewood and ebony

Mark A. Roberts, Derek Schuurman, Porter P. Lowry II, A. N. A. Ratsifandrihamanana , S. Rafanomezantsoa , Patrick O. Waeber, Lucienne Wilmé


Preliminary survey of the threatened carnivores in the Daraina Loky-Manambato Protected Area, Madagascar

Patrick H. Ross, Brandon Semel, Giovanni Walters, Erin M. Wampole, Amidou Souleimany, Zach J. Farris


Clarification on protected area management efforts in Madagascar during periods of heightened uncertainty and instability

F. Ollier D. Andrianambinina, Patrick O. Waeber, Derek Schuurman, Porter P. Lowry, Lucienne Wilmé


Insights from practitioners in Madagascar to inform more effective international conservation funding

Johanna Eklund, Jennifer Zavaleta Cheek, Luciano Andriamaro, Tsiorisoa Mihanta Bakoliarimisa, Christina Galitsky, Ony Rabearivololona, Domoina J. Rakotobe, Harifidy O. Ralison, Lalatiana Odile Randriamiharisoa, Joe Rasamoelinarivo, David Rasolofoson, Joelisoa Ratsirarson, Andriamandimbisoa Razafimpahanana, Eric Marcel Temba, Aili Pyhälä, Daniel C. Miller


Addenda à l’article Revue des textes fonciers et forestiers pour la mise en œuvre de la restauration des paysages forestiers à Madagascar

Herimino Manoa Rajaonarivelo, O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo, Stefana Raharijaona, Eric Raparison, Mirindra Rakotoarisoa, Neal Hockley


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