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Farmer’s Perspective on Cassava Mosaic Diseases in South East/ South Geopolitical Zone, Nigeria

L. A. Nwachukwu
C. A. Nkere


Cassava has been identified as one of the most staple food crops in Nigeria, and cassava mosaic disease (CMD) is one of the major constraints limiting its production in Nigeria; caused by Cassava mosaic viruses. Most farmers recognize CMD, but do not realize how the disease can affect yields or its spread, it is therefore important to train farmers going forward. This study sought to ascertain farmer’s perspective on CMD and the sampling was carried out in the farmer’s field in South East/South geopolitical zones of Nigeria in 2015. Farmer’s fields were assessed for CMD incidence and severity. Information on farmers’ knowledge of CMD was collected using semi-structured questionnaires. A total of 249 farmers were interviewed and their fields assessed. Results show that the CMD incidence and mean severity ranged between 19.8 - 61.8% and 2.09 - 3.19 respectively. Only one farmer was unable to recognize CMD in the photos provided during the survey. However, all the farmers indicated that they did not know the cause, vectors of CMD and the control strategies. Only 1.6% had the knowledge of the disease effect. Farmer’s ability to identify CMD on photographs may be because they have seen the disease on their fields but do not know that what they have seen is a disease. Some believed that the mosaic pattern is associated with a particular cultivar. This clearly indicates that increasing farmers’ awareness on the cause and nature of the disease and possible control measures will ensure their participation in the eradication of the diseases.

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