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Optimization of Rice Bran Fermentation Conditions Enhanced by Baker’s Yeast for Extraction of Protein Concentrate

C.E. Chinma
M. Ilowefah
K. Muhammad


The rice bran fermentation conditions for extraction of protein concentrate was enhanced by the use of baker’s yeast at optimized conditions using response surface methodology (RSM). A central composite design with three independent variables: fermentation temperature (25 to 35oC), yeast concentration (1 to 5%) and fermentation time (10 to 24 h) was used to study the response variable (protein yield). Results indicated that the generated regression model represented the relationship between the independent variables and the responses. Also, all linear terms, two quadratic terms (fermentation temperature and time) and all interactive terms had significant (p < 0.05) effect on the protein yield. The optimum conditions for yeast pretreatment of rice bran protein extraction were achieved at 30oC for 17 h using 3% yeast concentration to obtain a protein yield of 23.37%, which showed no significant difference (p ≥ 0.05) from the response surface methodology predicted protein yield (23.02%). The use of baker’s yeast in the fermentation of rice bran for extraction of protein concentrate can be more effectively used to improve the extraction yield compared to natural fermented (15.43%) and untreated rice bran (10.16%).

Keywords: Rice bran, fermentation, baker’s yeast, protein extraction, response surface methodology.