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Suitability of Nigerian Weather Conditions for Cultivation of Microalgae

FU Ali
JC Ogbonna


This work evaluates the suitability of Nigeria weather conditions for cultivation of microalgae species. Meteorological data from different locations were analyzed and compared with optimal conditions for cultivation of various species of microalgae. Average solar radiation in various parts were 1439.9±5µmolm2/s for Jos; 2837.1±4µmolm2/s for Kaduna, 1783.3±5µmolm2/s for Ikeja, 2368.4±5µmolm2/s for Benin; 2516±3µmolm2/s for Emene; 2540.6±5µmolm2/s for Independence layout Enugu; and 2038.5 ±4<µmolm2/s for Owerri. In order to establish if these solar radiation values are suitable for cultivation of photosynthetic cells, Chlorella sorokiniana was cultivated under sunny (2816±5µmolm2/s), partially shaded (2243±2µmolm2/s) and shaded (1468±5 µmolm2 /s) conditions within Abakaliki. The result showed high growth rate under full sunlight, followed by medium and low growth rate for partial shade and shade. Thus Kaduna and Enugu would support better growth of Chlorella than Jos and Owerri. The results of average hours of sunshine showed that Jos has the lowest number of hours of sunshine whereas Kaduna has the highest number of hours of sunshine for the areas investigated. The results showed that the cell growth rate of Chlorella sorokiniana and Euglena, final cell concentrations increased with increase in the number of hours of sunshine. Mean temperature in the meteorological stations ranged from 21. 8±4 0C in Jos to 28.2±50C in Kaduna. Temperature stratification in ponds within Abakaliki was investigated and found to be conducive for cultivation of many species of photosynthetic cells, (22-410C) in stagnant; (22-280C) in mixed ponds. There was an interaction between temperature, time and distance from the surface to bottom of the pond. The result of effect of inoculation volume on the growth of Chlorella sorokiniana and Euglena showed that these species can be cultivated in Nigeria.

Key words: Chlorella sorokiniana, Euglena gracilis , Weather Condition, Microalgae

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