The Effect of Seasons Temperature and Nitrogen Release on Cow Dung and Pig Dung Treatment in Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactors

  • V. A Ezekoye
  • B.A Ezekoye
Keywords: Decomposition, Nitrogen Temperature, Batch Reactor, Volumetric


This study determined the rate at which nitrogen from cow dung and pig dung is released during decomposition and the effect of temperature on their rates of decomposition. The cow dung and pig dung were treated in anaerobic sequencing batch reactor or digester whose capacity was 0.971 m3 and operated at 28.2°C and 35.3oC respectively as their maximum ambient temperature and 27.0 oC and 37.5 oC as their maximum slurry temperature. This digester could easily support volumetric organic loading rates of 220kg/m3/d for cow dung and 173kg/m3/d for pig dung. The maximum weekly rates of nitrogen release after digestion were 2.62 % for cow dung and 3.06% for pig dung. Temperature had a significant effect on the decomposition rate of cow dung and pig dung. The highest volume of Biogas was produced at 21.05 oC and 24.7 oC (mesophilic temperature). Total solids, volatile solids and C/N ratios of the wastes were also determined.

Key words: Decomposition; Nitrogen Temperature; Batch Reactor; Volumetric


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print ISSN: 0189-1731