Nigerian Journal of Chemical Research

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The influence of physico-chemical and ecological factors on the distribution of freshwater snails in Manchok water intake in Kaduna state, Nigeria.

FM Abdulkadir, DB Maikaje, YA Umar


A survey was conducted to determine the influence of physico-chemical parameters on the distribution of freshwater snails in Manchok water intake, Kaduna State, Nigeria from January 2013 to December, 2013. A total of eight thousand, three hundred and forty one (8341) freshwater snails were collected using a long handled metal scoop net. The relative abundance of the various freshwater snail species recorded were Biomphalari pfeifferi (99.46%), Lymnaea natalensis (0.52%) and Melanoides tuberculata (0.01%). The seasons of the year were found not to significantly influence snail distribution in the water body. However, some physico-chemical parameters were found to influence the freshwater snail distribution. The public health and veterinary implications of these findings are discussed.

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