Manuscripts are to be submitted in triplicates following the format below: Title page: Title must be concise. Page also to include Author’s name and affiliation. Abstract: Maximum of 200 words to present brief summary of the report. Below the abstract should include the keywords (maximum of 6). Introduction: To include past contributors, current level of knowledge on the subject and current problems to be addressed. Materials and Methods: To include site description, equipments or materials used for the research. Give details to allow for the replication of the study. Results: Should give concise information of data in Tables and Figures including Plates where necessary. Discussion: Should give the precise explanation of the result with special emphasis on the similarity and differences of the work with others. Conclusion, Acknowledgement may be given if necessary. References: Those cited in the text should follow the Author-Date system i.e author (date) for single author, author and author (date) for two authors, author and other authors (date) for more than two authors, author (s) (per comm.) for personal communication with author (s). You can also use ‘In Press’ if paper or manuscript has been accepted and awaiting publication i.e. author, (in press). Thesis Ph.D, M.Phil, Msc only can also be sited. References are to be listed alphabetically (APA form) e.g. FOR JOURNALS/PERIODICALS Achionye – Nzeh, C.G; Ogidiolu, O. and Salawu, S.S (2002). Growth response of juveniles of Clarias anguillaris to diet formulated with Cirina forda larvae in the laboratory. Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 17:1253-1256. Araoye, P.A (1999). Spatio-temporal distribution of the fish Synodontis schall (Teleoster: Mochokidae) in Asa Lake, Ilorin, Nigeria. Revista de Biologia Trapical, 47 (4): 1061-1066. FOR PROCEEDINGS, EDITED SYMPOSIA ETC. Lamai, S, L; Walker, C.H and Warner, G.F (2001). The effects of Dieldrin on various life stages of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell) pp. 186–194. Proceeding of 14th Annual conference of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria. A. A. Eyo and E. A. Ajao (eds) Ibadan, Nigeria 221 pp. FOR BOOKS Anthony, A.D. (1982). Taxonomy of Tropical Cichlids. First Edition. Jos University Press, Nigeria. 28 pp. FOR CHAPTER IN BOOKS Mulcaphy, M.F. (1975). Fish blood changes associate with disease. In: The Pathology of fishes. (Ed: W.E Ribelin and C. Migaki) University of Winsconsin, USA. 925-944. Tables and Figures: Should be placed and numbered on separate gapes numerically in the order of their mention in the text. They should bear captions (above for Tables and below for Figures/plates) which are self explanatory. Plate/photographs in glossy, black and white. SUBMISSION OF MANUSCRIPTS Three copies of the manuscript are required. After review process, two copies of the corrected version including the reviewed copy must be submitted with the diskette copy of the revised manuscript; to: DR. P.A. ARAOYE, EDITOR – IN – CHIEF, NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF FISHERIES, DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY MAKURDI P.M.B. 102119, MAKURDI, NIGERIA. Please do not send manuscript (s) to Editor – in – Chief by Email unless you are asked to do so. HANDLING CHARGE The initial three copies of manuscript(s) should come with handling fee of N 1,500.00 (One thousand five hundred Naira only) OR US$35 per manuscript in cash, international money order or certified bank cheque/draft issued to: DR. P.A. ARAOYE. To be claimed in Makurdi, Nigeria. PAGE CHARGE Authors would be informed on acceptance of manuscript. Volumes of Journal are produced in April and October of each year. REPRINTS Free copies of reprints for each published manuscript shall be sent to the Principal Author.

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