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Long term energy performance analysis of Egbin thermal power plant, Nigeria

MN Eke


This study is aimed at providing an energy performance analysis of Egbin thermal power plant. The plant operates on Regenerative Rankine cycle with steam as its working fluid .The model equations were formulated based on some performance parameters used in power plant analysis. The considered criteria were plant efficiency, plant internal consumption ratio, gross station heat rate and net station heat rate. The calculation were based on annual performance data over the 15- year period (1997-2011) The results of the analysis with SCILAB software code indicate the gross station heat rate (GSHR) of (10569.70KJ/kWh to 12191.58KJ/kWh) and net station heat rate (NSHR) of (11141.34KJ/kWh to 12869.76KJ/kWh).The overall efficiency from 29.53 percent to 34.06 percent agrees with the efficiencies of many steam power plants.

Keywords: Energy generation and consumption, efficiency, fuel consumption, steam rate, gross station heat rate, net station heat rate