Evaluating Performances of Traffic Noise Models

  • OJ Oyedepo
Keywords: Transportation, Traffic volume, Noise, Road, Management


Traffic noise in decibel dB(A) were measured at six locations using 407780A Integrating Sound Level Meter, while spot speed and traffic volume were collected with cine-camera. The predicted sound exposure level (SEL) was evaluated using Burgess, British and FWHA model. The average noise level obtained are 77.64 dB(A), 72.95 dB(A)and 75 dB(A) respectively; B The values from Burgess and FWHA model lies within an error band of B1 5% with reference to the observed noise levels. Thus, the three models are effective in predicting equivalent traffic noise index in Akure with fair accuracy. The coefficient of correlation (R2) between observed sound exposure level and predicted sound exposure level are 0.931 and 0.968 respectively; thus, there is a good correlation between the observed and the predicted value.B Adequate road design and management of traffic flow are recommended to reduce road traffic noise in the study area.


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