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Minimization of Retrieval Time During Software Reuse

HO Salami


Software reuse refers to the development of software using existing software. Reuse of software can help reduce software development time and overall cost. Retrieval of relevant software from the repository during software reuse can be time consuming if the repository contains many projects, and/or the retrieval process is computationally expensive. This paper describes pre-filtering, which is a method of minimizing retrieval time during software reuse. Pre-filtering can be applied while reusing object-oriented software, whose requirement specifications contain Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams. Pre-filtering involves quickly identifying a subset of repository projects which are potentially similar to a query model. The candidate projects are subsequently compared with the query during retrieval to determine their actual degree of similarity to the query. The query and repository projects are represented by n-dimensional feature vectors, where each feature is a metric which provides a quantitative measure of properties of a software project. Experimental results show that the proposed technique leads to a significant reduction in retrieval time, even though it causes a slight decrease in mean average precision.
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