Subjective Approach to Human Physiological Responses to Outdoor Condition During Blocklaying in Ogun State, Nigeria

  • AI Musa
  • SO Ismaila
  • MA Waheed
  • TMA Olayanju
Keywords: Human, Mason, Comfort, Physiological, Subjective, Environmental, Outdoor


This study was based on the subjective responses of the masons that are performing physical activity of blocklaying in the outdoor condition in Ogun State Nigeria. A total of 204 masons were investigated on the average of seventeen (17) masons monthly. The subjective responses were recorded from May, 2013 to April, 2014. The data collected were analysed with SPSS 17 version. The mean air temperature was at maximum in November 2013 (36.1oC) and March 2014 (36.10C ) and maximum relative humidity also occurred in July 2013 (69%). Similarly, the radiant temperature was at maximum in June 2013 (36.90C) and the peak value of the solar radiation occured in December 2013 (806w/m2). In addition, the maximum average mean skin temperature of the mason occurred in March 2014 (34.80C) and the core temperature in September 2013 (35.20C). Questionnaires were administered on two thousand and forty (2,040) masons to obtain necessary information on the subjective responses. The masons were interviewed every hour to capture the thermal behaviour of the environment while performing their activities. The study revealed that 76.50, 76.65, 88.30 and 76.3% were thermally comfortable with the environmental conditions in June 2013, February, March and April 2014 respectively. This could affect the performance output which is a subject of the effectiveness.

Building, Civil & Geotechical Engineering

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