An Online Interactive Competition Model for E-Learning System

  • PC Ezenkwu
  • C Aneke
  • KI Akpabio
Keywords: competition, online, ranking, e-learning, social network, social e-learning, algorithm


This paper presents an Online Interactive Competition Model for E-learning System. The system allows a student to connect and interact with other students on the courses they offer in a semester using both synchronous and asynchronous computer-mediated communication mechanisms. Each course lecturer e-supervises and e-moderates the students’ performances in his/her course. Following the semester course outlines, the system automatically and periodically selects topics for discussions. Each student’s questions as well as his/her contributions to questions posed by other students or even the lecturers on the e-learning platform are rated by the course lecturers who equally make their contributions in difficult cases. On registration, a student is assigned the rank of a starter in all courses.  Based on a course lecturer’s ratings on a student and how long the student had used the course page, the student may rise to the following ranks in the course: Senior, Master, Expert or Professional. In this paper, the scalable algorithm for the students’ ranking is presented. Moreover, a student’s ranks in different courses are independent; that is, a student can be an expert in one course and a starter in another. This ranking strategy serves as an incentive to encourage the students to participate actively and make meaningful contributions to questions posted on the platform. A working prototype of the system was developed using MySQL Database Management System (DBMS), PHP as the scripting language and Apache as the web server. The system was tested and the results were presented graphically in this paper.

Computer, Telecommunications, Software, Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443