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Radio Frequency Based Water Level Monitor and Controller for Residential Applications

DBN Nnadi
SE Oti
PC Ezika


This paper elucidates a radio frequency (RF) based transmission and reception system used to remotely monitor and control the water Level of an overhead tank placed up to 100 meters away from the pump and controller. It uses two Radio Frequency transceivers along with a controller each installed at the overhead tank and the sump (reservoir). It is completely automated with the help of a PIC 16F877A micro controller which receives signals from the transmitter, interprets and effectively communicates the status of the water overhead tank and water pump mode to the user or operator via an integrated LCD display. Similarly, the control unit of the prototype performs automatic switching control of on and off on a single phase centrifugal water pump, 220volts, 0.5hp motor via a motor driver circuit (relay). It also incorporates a buzzer that beeps briefly when water level hits 100%, thus causing the pump to be switched off but when water level drops below 25%, the pump is then switched on.

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eISSN: 2467-8821
print ISSN: 0331-8443