Modes of Current Conduction in 2-Pulse PWM AC/DC Converter

  • MU Agu
Keywords: AC/DC converter, pulse width modulation, current conduction modes


The paper reports the result 0f a study on the load current conduction modes in the one phase two-pulse PWM AC/DC converter. The various load current conduction modes are identified by the signs of the instantaneous load current values at selected load voltage discontinuity points under an assumed continuous load current operation over relevant ranges of the modulation index. From the derived load current conduction equations, boundary curves are plotted to illustrate the converter current conduction characteristics that help predict converter performance under given modulation index and load conditions. This work provides first hand information on current conduction modes in the single pulse modulation of the one phase full bridge converter and the analysis approach used provides more detailed information on load current conduction than the approach adopted in (2, 3, 4) for the phase controlled converter.

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