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The Impact of Urban Run-Off on Ogbor River

P Atuluegwu


Impact of urban run-off on Ogbor River in Aba metropolis has been studied. The run-off contains toxic chemical, heavy metals and suspended solids. Water samples were collected from three discharged points in the months of May to September. The results of the analysis of the samples show high-level concentration of lead, iron, cadmium, cyanide and chromium (1.7mg/l, 5.52mg/l, 1.47mg/l, 2.44mg/l and 1.31mg/I respectively). However, the water sample of the slaughter house, and the industrial effluents are free from heavy metals. In addition, the water quality of the downstream location of the river shows an appreciable reduction of the concentration of the heavy metals probably due to dispersion effect. The presence of this pollution in water is hazardous to health. Ballasted flocculation technology can be used to reduce the concentration level of these pollutants.

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