Performance Assessment of Two- Wheel Tractor on a Loamy Sand Soil of Ilorin

  • YS Ademiluyi
  • O Ani
  • BO Ugwuishiwu
  • OA Oyelade


Field performance evaluation of a 9kW two-wheel tractor has been carried out.  Field operations carried out include: disc ploughing, mould board ploughing, cultivation, cultivation cum planting and harvesting; following the types of accompanying implements available. The parameters measured and determined for each case included area of land covered, average time of operation, fuel consumption, width of action, average depth of cut, wheel slippage, speed of operation, field capacity and field efficiency. Field efficiencies determined were: 53.98% for disc ploughing, 88.30 % for mould board ploughing, 66.63 % for cultivation, 81.26% for cultivation cum planting and 72.88% for harvesting with a reaper.  It was therefore concluded that power- tillers as they are commonly called are better alternatives when compared to animal drawn equipment for several field operations like tillage, planting, harvesting and transportation. This is true especially when looking at the average power work animal can sustain for a given time duration on the field. Also when considering the problems and cost of animal health and feeding.
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