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Empirical Strengths of Concrete Roof Slabs After 34 Years Service in Nigeria

GO Agba
JO Ukpata


This paper examines the strengths of four reinforced concrete roof slabs which have been in service for over 34years. The non-destructive test hammer was used to obtain data for the empirical determination of the practical strengths of the existing structures. A total of 110 tests were performed on each slab at 11 points which were evenly spread across the slab. The results were compared with those from standard compressive strength machine in the laboratory, and subjected to statistical analysis. The final results showed that the lowest slab compressive strength was 14 N/mm2 below the minimum concrete grade of 25N/mm2; and percentage defective was 29.5% more than the allowable 5% in BS8110:1997. From this work their safety has not only been assessed, the scientific basis for the increase in the number of floors for standing completed buildings has also been demonstrated.

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